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for oboe d'amore and great organ (Pitch: 440 Hz.)

Paraphrasis, transcription, timbrical reworking, metamorphosis from an orchestral concept to chamber music… A unique and exclusive programme including transcriptions of the BWV 1053 and 1055 concerti especially conceived for this occasion by Miscelánea XVIII-21. The content of this proposal is part of the group’s first recording work.

for baroque oboe and organ (Pitch: 415 or 440 Hz.)

Lights and shadows of the 18th century in Spain. From the oboe exuberance deployed in the Pla brothers’ sonatas -internationally renowned performers and composers in the eighteenth-century Europe- to Joseph de Nebra’s or Antonio Soler’s fantasy at the keyboard. This programme is part of the volume 17 of the collection “Órganos Históricos en Aragón”, a recording that saw the light of day in 2017.

Night, embrace my song

for oboe and english horn & great organ (Pitch: 440 Hz.)

The night, the place of dreams and lullabies. Under this halo of dream this proposal is developed with authors from the XIX to XXI centuries (Rheinberger, Torres, Vierne, Litaize or Naji Hakim, among others). A suggestive, poetic program full of timbres and expressive richness.

Kleine Cammer-Music

for baroque oboes and harpsichord (Pitch: 415 Hz.)

Probably the past and present success of Georg Philipp Telemann is due to the universality that his music reaches in different ways. This composer, whose language plunges with pleasure and flattery in all national styles, is the backbone of this program; the fulcrum of a balance that oscillates between the purely baroque style, represented by its highest paradigm, Johann Sebastian Bach, and the so-called Gallant style (Empfindsamer Stil) cultivated by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. Thus, three titans, three representatives of the German Baroque as protagonists of this musical proposal.

L'Art de Monsieur Couperin le Grand

for baroque oboe and harpsichord (Pitch: 392 or 415 Hz.)

We present to you, distinguished public, a tasting menu of the eighteenth century highest musical cuisine from François Couperin's kitchen, the most acclaimed "chef" from la Grand France that navigates between the Grand Siècle and the Siècle des Lumières. The chef, in declarations made before our media, affirms that "he prefers what moves him to what surprises him", therefore, in every small bite that you can enjoy in this soirée you will notice flavors full of majesty, tenderness, sweetness and fierceness moving the passions of your soul.


for baroque oboe and harpsichord (Pitch: 415 or 440 Hz.)

Galantassia: tasty indication that accompanies to one of the minuets that compose the opus 1 of the Pla brothers (Juan Bautista and José), Six Sonatas for two German flutes, violins or hautboys composed in a Pleasing agrable Style, published in London in 1754. The indication of the dance and the subhead of the publication, «composed in a pleasant agreable style», manifest openly what we can find in this proposal: a delicious trip thorough the Spanish Galant Style.

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