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“Mixed, varied, consisting of diverse things or different genders...”

The Miscelánea XVIII-21 ensemble has set out to explore music from different periods and styles, from the 18th right through to the 21st century, to experience different timbrical mixtures using the diverse instruments of the oboe family (both historical and modern) together with pipe organ or harpsichord, and to discover new ways of presenting music to audiences, these are Miscelánea XVIII-21’s leading motives since its foundation in 2011.

Miscelánea XVIII-21 has performed at major festivals in Spain, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, the Principality of Andorra or Uruguay.






Its artistic offer encompasses different activities and proposals: educational concerts, talks and conferences, performances which are faithful to the traditional format, or multidisciplinary shows that give the audience different sensorial experiences. A good example of these new formats is their project Ilustraciones bachianas (Bachian Illustrations), premiered in the concert series XXIX Ciclo de Órgano de Navarra (2013), which combines Johann Sebastian Bach’s live music with a synchronised projection of drawings created ad hoc by Saskia Roures herself.

True to their independent spirit, they initiated their own recording project in 2016 with the production and release of their first work Paraphrasis: J.S. Bach-Transcripciones (oboe d’amore and great organ). That same year, they participated in the record Nous Cants (Discmedi, 2017), Ignacio Ribas Taléns's chamber music with organ (English horn and organ). Furthermore, with the cathedral of Roda de Isábena (Huesca) as the recording venue, they recorded Hasta romper el corazón (Until your heart will break), number 17 of the collection Órganos Históricos en Aragón (Institución Fernando el Católico, 2017), featuring music from the 18th century in Spain (baroque oboe and historic organ).

Its members boast huge experience as soloists and as members of chamber ensemble and orchestral projects (El Trovar, Los Mvsicos de Sv Alteza, University of Salamanca Baroque Orchestra, Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra, etc.). Francisco Gil and Saskia Roures combine their concert work with teaching positions at the Superior Conservatory of Music of Aragón.

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